About us

We are dynamically developing employment agency offering a range of services in the field of employment, job placement, personal and professional consulting and temporary work in Poland.

We are cooperating with the wide range of companies located in Poland and other European Union countries, and we assist employers to find qualified and motivated employees from abroad.

We are engaged in many industries, which makes our offer comprehensive. We have an opportunity to find a job for any person, no matter what background and education they have.

We have direct access to potential candidates abroad, which leads to the quality and speed of our offer. Through our overseas representers, we effectively conduct the recruiting process and qualification checks of potential candidates.



linia produkcyjnaOur values

It is not a coincidence that employees are called HUMAN RESOURCE, thus this is the most valuable asset of every company. This resource allows them to achieve their goals and contribute to their development. We help companies acquire this capital through our actions on a number of key principles:

Quality and professionalism - we provide our services at the highest level.

Loyalty - we focus on relationships with our partners and individual approach to both employers and employees.

Trust - because as we believe, trust enables long-term and effective cooperation.

Flexibility - we adjust to the requirements of the employer and the capabilities of employees.

Commitment - we put maximum effort and time into every project in order to meet the needs of employers and effectively help job seekers.

Our mission is to create a mutually beneficial relationship between Candidates and Corporate Clients. Using the latest methods of recruitment and selection of qualified personnel, we aim to meet the needs of companies and the expectations of employees.




Our partners

rozmowa grupowa

Our experience is based on cooperation in the provision of temporary personnel and recruitment services for companies in various fields, including construction, metallurgy, electrical engineering, chemical, mineral, wood, paper and food industries, and others.

Our strength is also the service sector, where many of our recruited employees have found work.

Our partners are not only large companies with a significant need for personnel, but also small and medium-sized entities with whom we have extensive experience. We can match you with the perfect employer for your needs!

We are not limited by the territorial range of our Partners - we operate all over Poland, depending on the executed project and Candidates' capabilities.





Useful documents

CERTIFICATE on making an entry in the field of job placement, personal counseling or vocational counseling – PDF file

CERTIFICATE on making an entry in the field of temporary work – PDF file